Members get rewarded.

Choose the membership tier that works best for you.

Members get rewarded.

Choose the membership tier that works best for you.

Ride Credits
Use your ride credits for your unique operational needs.
Priority Bookings
Save time—skip the public queue.
Business Solution Portal Access
Manage your account’s usage by employee, department, travel restrictions, and more.
Monthly Usage Reports
Simplify your bookkeeping with easy-to-navigate monthly statements.
Monthly Emissions Savings Reports
Measure your carbon offset progress & share with customers or shareholders.
Bonus Savings
Save up to $25/hr on multi-vehicle bookings for office parties, wine tours & more.
Executive Account Management
Call your direct membership line for personalized account support.
$150 / month
$120 / month
$250 / month
$200 / month
Silver Priority—Jump the Public Queue
$500 / month
$400 / month
Gold Priority—Jump the Public & Silver Queues
$1000 / month
$800 / month
Guaranteed 1st Priority Access to Next Available Car

Inquiring on behalf of a charity or government organization?





$ 120
CAD /mo

$ 200
CAD /mo

CAD /mo

Priority Bookings

3rd in Line

2nd in Line

Business Solution Portal Access

Usage Reports

Monthly Emissions Savings Reports


Executive Account Management


$150 / mo


$250 / mo


$500 / mo

Want the Platinum Experience?

Inquiring on behalf of a government organization or charity?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a Member?

Members receive benefits. Depending on the Membership Package you choose, you’ll gain access to Priority Bookings, our powerful Business Solution Portal, Monthly Usage Reports, Bonus Savings, Executive Account Management and much more.

What happens after I sign up?

Members are given access to our Business Solution Portal where an internally selected Account Administrator can book rides, manage its users (employees, customers, VIPS), assign usage restrictions (location, day and time, frequency, cost), view detailed monthly usage reports, and more.

Employees and VIPS added as account users can then conveniently book for themselves through our easy-to-use app.

What are ride credits and how do they work?

A large portion of your monthly membership fee will be given back to you as ride credits.

Example: If you’re a Gold member, your membership fee will be $500/month and $400/month will be credited directly back to your organization’s account to use as you see fit. The remainder of your membership fee will cover administration expenses used to provide you with top-tier service and membership benefits.

What happens to my unused ride credits at the end of each month?

If you are on a yearly prepaid membership plan, all unused ride credits will roll over at the end of each month to be used how and when you need them.

If you are on a monthly membership plan, any unused ride credits will not roll over to the next month.

What happens if I need more than my monthly ride credits?

No worries. After all assigned ride credits for the month have been used, any extra charges will simply be added to your monthly invoice at regular price.

You can always upgrade to a higher-level membership package with more ride credits.

I’m still not sure a Membership Package is right for me/my organization. What are my options?

No pressure. As a non-member, you can still book, track, and pay from the public side of our powerful app. You will not have access to the Business Solution Portal, be able to create usage restrictions for employees, or receive monthly invoices and emissions reports. 

If you change your mind, you can become a member at any time.