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Hear what others are saying about Current Taxi:

“Hands down the friendliest most professional safe and environmentally friendly. They open your door for you treat you like royalty and/or celebrity. Driver always communicates with you. I love the model X need more. Easier to get in and out of and super roomy.”

– Mitch H

“I was in Kelowna for eight days and found Current Taxi to be completely reliable, always there on time when I made an appointment. The drivers are friendly if you feel like talking, and quiet if you don’t feel like it. It’s just a very comfortable feeling riding in the cars — which by the way are all Teslas, and they’re great!!! I do advise making an appointment ahead of time, however, because they seem to be quite popular..”

– Cindy K.

“I can honestly say Current Taxi is such a great part of Kelowna. Each time I have used their services the driver has gone above and beyond to make sure the ride was more than just getting from A to B. From having a music blasting sing off party to getting me home safe ‘because it was on his way to his next pick up’. Their affordable taxi service is the only way I’ll go.”

– Karen Anglin

“Easy and efficient service with the most friendly drivers ever. Anytime you book a cab in Kelowna make sure to try current before anything else!”

– Dakota Johnson

“I used Current Taxi while travelling to Vancouver for medical appointments. Always on time. Always friendly. and always clean and well maintained! I was most impressed by how much the drivers enjoyed their jobs. How enthused they were about the car they drove. And how much they knew about the car they drove. Made me want to buy a Tesla!”

-Janine Hoffart